Washington Parish

Washington Parish has greatly experienced economic growth through manufacturing, food processing, retail trade, and services sectors, while retaining its traditional community spirit and easygoing lifestyle. Since Hurricane Katrina, school systems and test scores have increased and it continues to offer quality healthcare.

Our Recovery


Located along the Louisiana Mississippi state line Washington Parish had large amounts of wind, tornado, and fallen tree damage during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Since Katrina Washington parish has had 10 companies relocate or expand their primary operations to Washington Parish. These companies contribute to the more diversified and newly expanded business community in Washington Parish. Among the 10 new companies who now have residence within the parish 4 Offshore Services are included. The parish also now has more warehousing and distribution facilities as well. Inside Washington Parish three business parks thrive, one located in Bogalusa and two in Franklinton. The new Franklinton Industrial Park is home to 3 businesses, in the Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and Service Industries. The Bogalusa Business Park is home to 7 companies and currently has over 1000 employees who work within the park.



Education: Since Hurricane Katrina the Washington Parish School System has grown to see more students and higher test scores. Washington Parish is home to the Washington Parish Public School System, Bogalusa City Schools, and the Northshore Charter School, and 3 private schools. The Washington Parish School System has marked steady progress since Hurricane Katrina including higher test scores and new physical assets being added into classrooms. All Schools in parish have seen an increase in the number of students since Hurricane Katrina due to population increases within the parish. Bogalusa City Schools has 3 schools in its system including Bogalusa High School. Northshore Charter School established Post-Katrina and now has over 400 students that currently attend the school.

Healthcare: Washington Parish is home to two hospitals Riverside Medical Center and Our Lady of Angels. Riverside Medical Center now has a Cath Lab in their newly updated facility. Our Lady of the Angels located in Bogalusa has a newly improved and expanded Emergency Services. The hospital is also home to the LSU Medical School Rural Family Medicine Residency Program.


Washington Parish did not experience major flooding during hurricane Katina like many of the surrounding parishes. Washington experienced large amounts of wind damage, damage from fallen trees, and several tornados that touched down throughout the parish.


Located on the Mississippi / Louisiana border in Southeast Louisiana, population 43,926

Washington Parish has 3 business parks and numerous sites with infrastructure including rail and locations on major highways with easy access to Interstate Highways 55, 59, 10 and 12.

Washington Parish covers an area of 676 square miles. The Mississippi state line is on the east and north borders of our parish. Its western boundary is Tangipahoa Parish and the southern boundary is St. Tammany Parish. The proximity of the parish, sixty miles from New Orleans, eighty miles from Baton Rouge, 120 miles to Jackson Mississippi, and 136 miles to Mobile, Alabama allows access to the major cities and affords industry with a wide range of opportunities for markets and transportation.

Washington Parish, Louisiana is located north of New Orleans. The parish received significant damage due to high wind. The Parish is home to many pine forests in which many of the pine trees snapped or were completely uprooted. The eye of Katrina could be seen from the eastern part of the parish, in Bogalusa as Bogalusa was only fifteen miles away from the center of the eye.

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