St. Charles Parish

St. Charles Parish is one of the three River Parishes that hold port sites under the nation’s largest port in South Louisiana. It offers a high quality of life, a strong sense of community, and a sportsman’s paradise.

Our Recovery


Since 2006: Private Investment in SCP is just over $20B, creating over 1,500 permanent jobs & over 100,000 construction jobs. Another $4B of investment, resulting in approx. 500 jobs, has been announced over the past year. Since 2005, SCP has added approx. 4,300 jobs to the local economy, 2nd to St. Tammany in the MSA.


  • Network of more than 50 recreational stations, including green space, gym, spray park and ball fields.
  • Recreational programs including summer camps, a myriad of adult and youth sports.
  • Community education program provided by school system.
  • Parish pumping stations upgraded in every community with addition of capacity, bar screen cleaners and conveyance improvements — funded in party by millions of dollars in hazard mitigation grants.


  • Waterway access
  • Industrial access to rest of region, transportation hub
  • Historic River Road Plantations
  • Mississippi River Bridge and Recreation areas along river
  • Education innovation – Satellite Center, etc.


  • Westbank Flood Protection underway
  • WestShore Levee Project approved by Corps
  • Davis Pond Diversion constructed (this began operation in 2002; wasn’t post-Katrina)
  • Emergency Operations Center built
  • Community Center built
  • State-of-the-art Animal Shelter built
  • West Bank and Vicinity Levee completed (Ama)
  • Carbon credits program at Luling Oxidation Pond
  • New government offices — DMV, Public Works and Wastewater, Courthouse third floor renovation, Sheriff’s Office complex
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